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Choosing the right supplier for you and your wedding can be tricky. You're likely to have a number of burning questions you want answered before committing to a booking. Here are a few of the most common questions I get asked by couples in the build-up to their wedding.


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 1. I've already booked a photographer, why should I have a video too?

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This is a surprisingly common question. When you're likely to have spent upwards of £1000 on your wedding photographer, why invest in a video too? To put it simply, you get so much more from a video than photos. In fact, I have recently been told by a number of couples that they don't even look at the photos since they received their wedding video. Photos are great but there's nothing quite like seeing how elegantly you walked down the aisle, listening to the vows again, seeing the eruption of laughter when the best man delivers his much-anticipated character assassination of the groom, and of course watching your first dance as a married couple. There really is nothing quite like a video when it comes to reliving your big day. 

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2. Do you film the whole day?

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Yes! Regardless of the wedding video package you choose, I am yours from the bridal preparations right up until the end of your first dance. There is only one part of the day you won't see me filming and that's when you're tucking into your food. No one wants to be filmed eating so this is my opportunity to take a bit of a break. If you're wondering why I only film up until the first dance, there are a couple of reasons. The first is simply because the light starts to fade which makes it rather difficult to capture any good-quality shots, but more importantly, it gives you a chance to relax. Plus this is the part of the day when your guests start to get a bit merry. 

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3. Do you record the audio of the ceremony and speeches?

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I fully understand why I get this question and it's simply because a lot of videographers charge extra for this. As far as I am concerned, I am yours for the whole day and certainly cannot justify charging you for things that should be included as standard. So yes your audio is recorded during both of these key parts of your wedding.

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4. I've seen other wedding videos use popular songs, do you offer this?

Question 4

Yes absolutely. Use of music on wedding videos is subject to strict licensing and there are restrictions on how your video can be shared if a pop song is used. Your wedding video highlight film (included in both packages) always uses less restrictive music so that you can share your video with whomever you wish, but if you choose the 'full feature package' you can select a number of songs you may like played throughout the longer video edit.

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5. What do I expect to receive on my USB?

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This will entirely depend on your chosen package. the highlight package will include your 60-second preview film and the full 6-8 minute highlights video. Choose the full feature package and you'll see a number of video files including:

60-second preview video

You will have already received this within a week of your

wedding on your very own personalised web page

Full Feature Video

Chapters of the day (including ceremony and speeches) edited into one long video

Cinematic Highlights

4-6 minute highlight film of your wedding day


A selection of screenshot photos from your wedding video

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6. How do I play video on my USB?

Question 6

The USB is designed to function as a plug-and-play device. Most modern TVs will now have USB ports that allow you to plug your USB straight in and play the video in the comfort of your living room. Alternatively, you can play your video on a laptop or computer.

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7. Why are a lot of other videographers so expensive?

Qustion 7

This is a difficult one for me to answer but nonetheless one I get asked a lot. Chances are if you have been searching for a wedding videographer, you may have seen or been quoted prices over £1000, perhaps even over £2000. Unfortunately, these high prices often mean that couples give up all hope of having both a videographer and photographer and usually just go with the photographer. Why do they charge this? I, and you will never really know. It could be a number of factors. If this is their full-time occupation then they have to make a living, they may use very expensive equipment, or maybe they simply think that charging a high amount is fine because it's a wedding. High prices don't necessarily mean great quality and you don't need to pay over the odds for a great quality wedding video. There are plenty of videographers out there that offer their services for a much more reasonable amount. My advice, do your research and don't simply base your choice on price. It's much more important to get recommendations and meet your potential videographers to see if you feel comfortable with them and are willing to welcome them into your wedding celebrations. 

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8. What is the booking process and do I need to pay a deposit?

Question 8

The booking process is quite simple. First, watch a few of my videos to see if you're happy with what I produce. If you are (and I sincerely hope that is the case) I recommend getting in touch as soon as possible to check whether I am available on your wedding date. If I am and you'd like to book, simply let me know and I'll put your date in the diary. You'll then receive a booking confirmation which includes all your details, a form to sign, and deposit information (£150 on booking). Once your deposit has been paid, that's it, your date is confirmed and the next step will be to arrange a meeting roughly 2 months before the big day.

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9. I see you're based near Peterborough but do you travel elsewhere?

Question 9

Yes! I am more than happy to travel to film your wedding, in fact, most of the weddings that I will be filming in 2023 are out of the Peterborough area. So whether you're getting married here in the UK or abroad, please do get in touch.

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